The best way to celebrate if you’re a man

Did something good? Take your shirt off.

Did something good? Take your shirt off.


I like it when footballers take their tops off after scoring a goal. I like it because it’s stupid.

Firstly they get a yellow card for doing it, because referees don’t like to see nipples. And secondly, it doesn’t make much sense…

Was the shirt a sign of failure that you can now remove? Are you perhaps super proud of your abs? Or did you just want something to wave?

It surely is the best way for a man to celebrate though… because it’s so ridiculous.

But I don’t think it should be limited to just the football pitch…

Next time you get great feedback from your line manager – swing your shirt above your head. If you make new friends at a party, triumph in a round of crazy golf, or come in under budget at your supermarket shop – best to take your top off – otherwise how will people know you did something good?

And if you receive a round of applause while public speaking, try undoing one button for every 10 seconds they keep clapping.

It’s the only way to celebrate.

If this blog post gets a healthy amount of likes, you know what I’ll be doing…


But I'll try not to look like such a douchebag

Ronaldo’s giant abs make his tiny nipples seem even smaller


I won’t post pictures or anything – that would make this a very different type of blog. You’ll just have to trust me.

And if you’re a lady thinking, quite rightly, that you don’t want to expose yourself every time something good happens, maybe try something different…

Like taking your socks off.

If it’s really good, maybe do sock ears.