This woman invented ‘clickbait’ and you’ll never guess what she did next…


The idea of ‘clickbait’ has been around for a long time: someone posts an article with an enticing title, something which gives you very little information, and the article subsequently gets a lot of hits as people try to satisfy their curiosity.

Now, plenty of websites do this an awful lot. It’s absolutely everywhere. Chances are the majority of your newsfeed on Facebook is taken up by clickbait articles. More people click them so they move higher up your feed despite the original article having very little substance at all. Apparently Facebook is attempting to limit these however I’m still bombarded with them all the time.

But I seem to be straying off topic – what about the woman who invented clickbait? What did she do next?

Honestly, I’ve got no idea.

In fact, the picture at the top of this post is of a woman who denounces clickbait and even did a TED talk on it. It may not have been a woman who invented it, maybe it was a man, maybe it was a team. I’ve got no idea.

So why did I lure you in with false advertising? Well, it’s an experiment.

That’s right! You jus’ got experimented on foo’!

I tried to create a simple, clickbait-like title, to see if it would work for us, despite not being one of those huge websites.

If you did click on a link to this blog because you wanted to know what happened to the woman and I successfully lured you in then I hope you don’t feel angry. I’m pretty sure I would be.


I’d be all like this if it were me…

But you can become part of this experiment yourself. Please share this article on your Facebook page with a short and unrevealing comment like ‘Interesting’ or ‘Wow’ or ‘Shucks! I woudda ne’er seen that ‘un coming!’ and we can see if a whole load more clicks come our way. We can see if Jon and I can create clickbait.

As with any good experiment I will analyse the results carefully and ensure they are only shared if they prove my theory and/or are interesting. If there is no difference, well, we just sweep the results under the rug and pretend like this never happened…