The best way to make small amounts of money from your friends

friends are money

Look how happy this guy is… that’s because his friends are money

If you’re the sort of person who sits around and wonders why nobody just gives you money, give yourself a thumbs up right now.

You have just passed level one of the money course.

Now, as you well know, successful people don’t see things as things – they see them as money opportunities.

You’re out walking your dog… is the dog paying for this service? No? Well that’s because you’re missing a money opportunity. Your boss talks to you in the car park leaving work. Well time is money Mr Boss man – if you’re not asking for overtime, you’re missing the money.

If you know that things are not things, you’ve just passed level two of the money course.

The biggest money opportunity though is not actually your dog or your boss. It’s those closest to you… your friends and family. I’ll teach you how to get the best rates from a whole range of social activities so that you’ll never work or play for free again.


Ok, I’ll stop now.

Although, that is exactly how I’ll start my blog posts when I suddenly become a consultant and start asking to do web seminars with you all…

But I won’t let this blog post just descend into empty nothingness because I do actually want to tell you a story about one time I started making money from my friends.

It was back at uni when ideas seemed better than they do now.

I would start by being very direct, which is my favourite way of asking for something. It would go a bit like this…

Hey Chris, I’m doing this little project where I’m offering my friends compliments… only they’re not free compliments. They actually cost 10 pence each or I can do you three for 20 pence… Are you interested?

Chris would look at me for a second, ask if I was serious and then decide that for 20p it was probably worth it. After all, it’s not everyday that someone asks you to pay to receive a compliment… that sort of thing might make an interesting blog post one day.

So I’d then tell Chris that he had a well-proportioned nose, his clothing was highly practical and he had a strong, trustworthy handshake.

Bam! Suddenly I’d made 20p.

I’d also made Chris feel a bit stupid because I’d given him nothing-compliments – the empty kind. Like hey man you’ve got an excellent stance, or Damn girl, you painted your big toe on your left foot really well – it’s the best painted toe I’ve seen all day.

I guess that was the joke of the whole thing. It kept us entertained a while for sure. But then again, I did keep all the money. So maybe it was more of con than a joke.

But either way, if you want to make small amounts of money from your friends… you know what to do.