The best way to make the craziest things seem real

The problem that a lot of people have with fantasy, science fiction, and sometimes just standard fiction – is that it’s not real. Some people can’t escape the shackles of reality to enjoy a story about a talking bear or a Klingon – because neither of those things actually exist.

But these stories are about human experiences – because that’s who they were written by and for. In fact at their best they offer a new perspective on humanity – you find out something new, something deeper about yourself.

Even the wackiest science fiction has something to say about real life – especially if it makes it all the way to Hollywood.

The most important thing for me is that I believe in the characters – if Gandalf is a wizard that’s fine, but if Gandalf feels like an inconsistent character who switches personalities all the time – you can count me out.

But this isn’t enough for everyone. Some people would prefer a documentary about plankton. They counter the boring by reassuring themselves that this did actually happen. The plankton may never do anything especially interesting but, look, there they are, no CGI involved.

I don’t understand that viewpoint but I do understand that it exists.

So to help these truth-seekers, I’ve discovered a beautiful way of making crazy, fictional concepts seem very real indeed.

All you have to do is make a boring leaflet about it…

jurassic important


This came from a Jurassic Park twitter account and it’s actually incredible.

They’ve taken the mad concept of having real life dinosaurs among us, and turned it into a slightly boring leaflet that you don’t really want to read. They make dinosaurs seem as real as dishwashers.

The boring, matter-of-fact language lets my guard down, just for a second, makes my little heart believe in modern day dinosaurs.

So, if you struggle with fictional things, take a quick read of this leaflet and accept Jurassic World as you would a leaflet about road safety.


So boring, so real.


The real-life brand names make me believe even more


I really want to go to the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo… please?

jurrasic leaflet

Ah excellent, a handy map


Of course there is the distinct possibility that this might not work and actually I’m just really gullible.