The vest quote

Sometimes I have to clap at my own cleverness. You see, best and vest are two words that rhyme. So instead of titling this post “The best vest quote” I shortened it. Like. A. Pro.

Also I just read a list of our previous blog titles and the word ‘best’ has lost all meaning to me. So this is my quiet rebellion.

But today I wanted to start off double-post Friday with something little and delightful. The most poignant quote I’ve ever heard about vests.

Here it is…

Demetri Martin vest quote



Demetri Martin is a comedian and it’s totally worth reading some of his quotes.

But really what I wanted you to know is that sweater vests are excellent… especially if you have really hot arms. I wouldn’t say they were very fashionable though. But then again, I only have one pair of non-broken trousers at the minute… so maybe you can’t trust me.

All I know is that I never want to look like this guy:


creepy vest stare

Almost definitely a murderer.


Also, for anyone who is worried about my hygiene levels because of my limited wardrobe, please be reassured to know that more clothes are on the way and I’m getting by with a few pairs of shorts and some extra-comfy sweatpants…