The best naked photos

Oh my gosh! Did this blog just change genre? Did we finally break free from our PG rating and go for something more hard-hitting? Something a bit risqué?

Well sort of…

Take a look at this nude photograph and see what you think.

Hang on a second...

Hang on a second… are those clothes?

I promise you this is a naked photo.

But it’s not what you might expect… In this case it’s actually the photographer who is naked.


That’s why the man is pulling that amazing face. He sort of thinks it’s funny but he also doesn’t want to look.

I can identify with that.

I thought this was a brilliant idea – I have never even got close to thinking of it before. But it also felt quite familiar -like all good ideas.

Because we all know that nakedness only makes sense in a certain context – like in a relationship or a communal shower (funny how those are almost opposite things). But outside of that place, nakedness comes across all wobbly, awkward and a little bit frightening.

That’s why it’s great to see people’s reactions to it.

…and it’s also great that I don’t need to be part of the awkward experience.

Here are a few noteworthy examples.


Group awkwardness... love the guy sitting down.

Group awkwardness… ‘most awkward’ prize goes to the guy on the floor.


Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen

The cat is not impressed


And finally…


A little reminder that nakedness makes people sad

A girl regretting her choice to be photographed by a naked man


All of the people photographed are willing participants. Trevor, the naked photographer, says he wants his participants to feel uncomfortable but not unsafe.

Sounds like a fun thing to volunteer for, right?

You can click on any of the photos to be taken to Trevor’s website… (or just click here)

I don’t really know about all the arty implications of this photography series. But I do know that it’s pretty funny to look at people’s ‘I’ve just seen a naked person’ face…


not a naked photo

Which face would you pull? I think I’d be bottom right.