The best way to make juggling more fun

Still not fun enough

This is what farmers are forced to juggle with… he won’t be happy for long

Juggling is not fun enough to make up for the fact that it’s super difficult. In order to learn the perfect juggle you have to spend a considerable amount of time looking like some sort of ball-distributing idiot.

You throw three, high in the air, and chase after them as they scatter across the room. You get better in time but not before you’ve lost all respect for yourself.

It’s a win if you catch even one in those early days.

But juggling is much more fun now that I’ve seen it in it’s gladiatorial form…

Mr Green sticks would have won here if only he could have kept juggling... I think they both lost.

Mr Green sticks would have won here if only he could have kept juggling… I think they both lost.

Yeah, this is a real thing now.

Whoever can juggle the longest wins… You’re allowed to interfere with the other persons sticks but you can’t touch the person. And by touch them I really mean push them over – rather than stroke their hair or something.

But actually both of those things aren’t allowed.

You just need to keep juggling (one stick in the air at all times) but you don’t need to keep the same batons you started with. So stealing is encouraged.

The best way to get to know this sport is to watch it. So here’s a video and, if you’re pressed for time, skip to 3.50.

One guys wins a point by taking a baton and ends up juggling 4 sticks at once… amazing!


And I guess I should end with another piece of excellent news.Both me and Steve can juggle.

Let that sink in for a second… we could play this game.

We went through Lame Academy and came out as competent jugglers.

Add this to our promise to get you some original video content as soon as Steve makes his way up North (which is happening soon).

It’s all starting to sound like a very intriguing challenge. So I guess you have to keep a beady eye out for “Steve vs Jon – Combat Juggling Wars”

Or maybe we’ll think of a better title…