The best videos to watch on Youtube

With 2 billion views, this most popular video tells you what Youtube is all about...

With 2 billion views, this most popular video tells you what Youtube is all about…

Youtube is a place which requires direction.

You can spend your time watching absolutely pointless videos – I think my biggest crime has been watching Piers Morgan debate American gun laws with an obstinate gun-lover; after a while I had to step back and ask the question “why?!” – you waste a lot of time.

If you don’t have a guiding hand then you will inevitably watch a video with a cat in it. I, myself, love a good cat video, but they aren’t particularly edifying. So what can we do about this problem? How can we get the most out of this amazing wealth of videos?

Let me introduce you to TED.


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and is a non-profit organisation that puts on conferences all around the world with a range of talks from a variety of speakers. The talks discuss issues from whether or not Schools Kill Creativity, through to magicians showing off.

A lot of the talks are incredibly interesting and make you think. Recently I watched one which discussed the impact that body shape and posture have on the way you present yourself. Often we think a confident person will sit big and have a ‘presence’ in the room but, as their research suggests, the opposite is also true: if you sit in a confident pose, you are more likely to act confidently.

They put this to test with a gamble. Half of the respondents were told to spend 2 minutes in a self-assured pose and half in a reserved pose. An example of a ‘self-assured pose’ would be standing with your hands on your hips and a ‘reserved pose’ would be folding your arms and making yourself small.

Afterwards, they asked their subjects if they wished to take part in a gamble. 60% of those who were in a reserved pose took the gamble and 80% who stood confidently took the gamble. This suggests the way you stand can actually impact how confident you seem! Isn’t that interesting?!

TED is full of cool things like that which are explained in a more interesting and informative ways than I have just attempted. TED will improve your Youtube life no end and make you full of interesting facts to tell anyone who has the misfortune to be forced to listen to you.

Maybe you should spend 20 minutes less watching people falling over and 20 minutes more expanding your mind. It’ll be worthwhile in the long run. You may start standing taller as a result…