The best glasses you could ever drink out of…

drinking faces

These are terrible glasses. Who made these?


For most people, drinking glasses are not really important at all. So long as they hold liquid they will do just fine.

But I’m the sort of guy who pays a premium to drink out of a glass bottle. It feels better, so it it tastes better. I do this with coke at Christmas and with beer pretty much all the time.

So if you want to sit down and talk with me about drinking vessels, we could be going for a long time.

But the best glasses you could ever drink out of came to me almost by accident. I bought them for novelty value and it turns out they are amazing.

glasses and birds

Here they are just chilling with the birds on my window ledge

Yeah, that’s right, someone stuck a handle on a jar and it turns out it’s a best thing.

Here’s a closer look, this time with real-life drink in it.

glass with drink

Such a quality product that it even says ‘quality’ on it

I really thought these would be a little bit of stupid fun – the sort of thing I force upon guests sometimes. But actually they are all I want to drink out of.

I like them so much I’ve actually banned myself from using them until work is finished for the day. I don’t want my 9-5 routine to take away the magic.

You can buy them for £4 at John Lewis.

You should only get two though because no one wants to go to a house where they only have jars to drink out of. That’s the house of lunatic right there.

One for you and one for a friend – that’s all you need.

And in writing this blog I just learned that these glasses aren’t dishwasher safe – that is valuable and new information to me.

So this best thing has helped you out and it’s helped me out – everybody is happy. Everybody.