The best thing about getting old


Does our face get bigger as we age or something?! 

I’m starting to age. When I was younger, it felt like ageing was going too slowly and now I’m ageing too quickly. My body doesn’t recover as readily as it used to and I’ve started to get the aches and pains of a grown-up.

It’s a bit sad when you think about it. I guess I’m just entering into my quarter-life crisis.

As a kid you build up all of these hopes and dreams for your future, where you’ll be in 10/20 years, what you’ll be doing, how much success you will have had and how many friends you will have made. We’re always told to dream big as children however it can be a painful realisation when all of those things you thought would fall into place by your mid-twenties suddenly feel like they are so far off.

Whenever you get to some milestone you turn around and look at those people who are younger than you. The Justin Biebers, the One Directioners, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and others just like them who seemed to have achieved a lot. Granted, a couple of them have gone a bit crazy but you can’t deny the impact they’ve had on society.


Oh Miley, why are you licking yourself in the mirror? It just doesn’t make any sense…

All this begins to look a bit bleak.

But once you get to a certain age, age isn’t too much of a thing any more. And that’s great!

It’s a thing we get sad about on the occasion of our birth and when we see some whipper-snappers who are better than us at stuff, but other than then, it doesn’t really matter.

The fact that you were the year above me at school is irrelevant. You took two gap years so you’re two years older than me – who cares?! We can still be friends.


We can all be friends!!!

We set our goals but sometimes life doesn’t work out like a formula, like a map, like a plan. Sometimes it takes us an extra year or two to get to where we need to be. But who cares?! What is an extra year?

We imprison ourselves by these arbitrary targets and numbers which were most likely plucked out of the air with no real reasoning behind them and beat ourselves up if we fall short them. This sounds ludicrous but I don’t think it’s an uncommon feeling.

We (…I…) all need to be set free of this. Age is just a number.

Just take stock of yourself and where you are. If it takes you a few extra years to achieve your goals then that doesn’t matter because a life full of obstacles is certainly one worth living, they build character. And maybe you needed those few years, perhaps there’s some misplaced arrogance floating around if you assume you didn’t.


I hope you all enjoyed that life-affirming, ‘who cares if you’re old’ post. It was mainly written because of the terrifying thought that I turn 25 later this year!

This will be it from me for just over a week and, as Jon is on holiday, it looks like this may be a temporary blog hiatus whilst we both get some chill-time. Hopefully you’ll manage. I’ve heard the internet’s a pretty big place…