The best dance-off

So there’s this thing called the Dance Cam.

You may have heard of its older brother the Kiss Cam. They’re commonly found on American sports grounds and are a roving camera in the crowd which finds unwitting subjects to do whatever the word is before Cam.

It’s actually in the American constitution that you have to obey the Cam. If you disobey it, the political and economic ramifications can be huge, particularly if it’s the ‘Get out of the recession’ Cam.

The Dance Cam seems to be a new thing. I’d never heard of it until I stumbled across this Youtube video:

This just started to get real…

It seems like this kid and the dancing usher rose to moderate fame in America but didn’t really make it over here. Which really is a shame because this kid has moves:

Kid dancing

He is absolutely killing it:

Kid dancing 2

My favourite thing about this kid dancing, is the massively unimpressed man just in front of him, “You’re impressing no-one…”

His competition, the usher’s, not too shabby as well:

Dancing usher

But, we all know the kid won the dance-off even if he’s not actually as talented as the usher because kids always win things they shouldn’t.

It’s been that way for years and I don’t think it’ll change soon…