The best travelling food


Travelling can really take it out of you. Even walking the 10 minutes to the train station in the morning can wear you down.

It’s something I’ve never understood: why does travelling, which often involves a lot of sitting down and doing literally nothing, make you tired. It’s quite confusing.

If you were to describe a long haul plane journey to someone who had never been on one, they would probably think it was pretty restful. It’s so mundane, how can that not recharge your batteries?!

But as most of us know, it completely doesn’t. You feel like you need to sleep after immediately stepping off of the most sedentary few hours of your life.

What’s particularly peculiar about this phenomenon is that you get tired even during the middle of the day. It’s 11 in the morning, typically the time I am most alert and awake, but as soon as I get on a train, all I want to do is put my headphones in and have a snooze. Every time.

So, as a result, I feel like I need something to cheer me up. Something to aim for if I’m travelling. And that something is Burger King.

Burger king logo

I always want fast food when driving somewhere. The idea of buying a healthy salad or bringing a picnic makes me sad, especially if I could be at the home of burgers.

But it’s not just Burger King. It’s the burger to end all burgers which they make: the bacon double cheeseburger.

This is just a perfect burger. Two patties, two types of meat, two slices of cheese and two bits of bun. I’ve never known a more symmetrical burger.

Bacon double cheeseburger

The genius of this burger, is that it has none of the extraneous stuff which takes away from the core meat flavour. McDonald’s covers their burgers in a variety of mystery ingredients, sauces and vegetables, whereas I can count the number of ingredients in the bacon double cheeseburger on one hand. Most of them are in its name!

It’s the simplicity which makes it beautiful.

I feel so much happier travelling if I know I can get one of these along the way. I’m always gutted when I pull into a service station and all it has is a KFC or a McDonald’s. I feel cheated and almost want to get back in the car, carry on the motorway and find a better service station, one that knows what burger joint is necessary.

Obviously, I need to time my trip properly so I come across Burger King when I want to eat, but if I don’t, I can always fall back on  Krispy Kreme. My favourite is the chocolate one with sprinkles…

Krispy kreme