The best game to play when you’re bored of uno


He's looking for a new game to play

In my mind, uno is a game you play in caravans. When you’re staying in a caravan or ‘mobile home’ you better play uno at least once. Otherwise something is wrong.

It’s that game you play only on holiday. You’re standards are lower because there’s no work to go to and you are happy. Uno seems like a good option.

But after a couple of rounds of putting your cards down, saving the specials until last, you can get pretty tired of it all.

What you need is a new option. Something different to make you feel young again.

What you need is…



Cnuno is totally different to uno. Sure it has the same rules and cards but it’s actually not even similar.

For a start it’s got a different name and then to add to the craziness you have to say a different word when you only have one card left.

So refreshing, so daring.

I like to pronounce it ‘ku-noo-no’. I think that’s really the only acceptable way .

I found Cnuno in a 2 dollar New Zealand. For some mad reason I didn’t buy it – I just took a photo.

Needless to say we’ll be visiting the store again before we leave.

I won’t let Cnuno pass me by, and you shouldn’t either.