The best… well certainly the most creepy comment we’ve ever had

This is how the creepy comment made me feel

The creepy comment made me feel like the one on the left…

I know I talked about the spam comments queue last week. I know I mocked the spam robots for their broken English and marvelled at their ability to create new greetings like:

What’s up to everyone!


What a stuff!

But we recently had a comment that was so creepy I just had to share…


Excuse me... what did you just say?

Excuse me… what did you just say?


So someone who is trying to get clicks on a site about drug addiction… and they do it by saying they’re looking forward to touching me later…

Classic marketing skills.

Needless to say, I don’t think we’ll be dropping him an email – he didn’t even leave any contact details.


That’s it for my double post Friday entry. Why?

Because I’m going to New Zealand today and that’s the perfect excuse for a short and slightly shoddy blog post!

More best things to come next week from the other side of the world… depending on where you live. That’s only if I can find the WiFi though. Otherwise I’ll leave you in Steve’s capable hands…

Looking ahead to touch you.