The best way to bake cake


Would you believe this is a cake? I’m not so sure. The whole situation seems a bit fishy…

“Let them eat cake…”

A famous phrase from Marie Antoinette (Wikipedia tells me it may not actually have been said by her or anyone else as it was told as an anecdote) about the importance of cake over bread.

Often in my life I think “I would love fresh cake right now” but actually I don’t want to make it and my friends respond poorly to my “make me caaaaaaake!” whines. This means I either have to buy a cake or crack out the scales. I’d prefer to do neither.

Which is why this new invention is probably one of the best things ever: cake in a can.

But it’s not just cake in a can, it’s cake in a whipped cream-esque can and can be sprayed just like whipped cream. It’s then baked in the microwave for 60 seconds and you get light and fluffy fresh cake.

Super quick and really easy to make, looks pretty good and is fairly innovative.

It was originally created by two Harvard students as a University project who really just wanted an excuse ‘to eat lots of delicious cake’ but stumbled upon something that was even bigger than themselves.

I heard about this cake from some colleagues who were slating it as they thought it was just lazy Americans being lazy. They were worried about how it tasted, the products which were in it and the fact that it was microwaved.


As it turns out it’s 100% organic and the people on the video seem pretty happy with the taste. As for it being microwaved, I don’t think I care. Have you ever tried the one cup brownie?! That’s microwaved and it’s pretty good.

These students are currently waiting on a manufacturer to pick this up but as soon as they do I really, really, really want some cake in a can. I don’t know how I’ll get it as I’m sure it’ll only be sold in America at first. Maybe I’ll have to go on a blog trip to really make sure it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.

That seems like a valid excuse to go to America right…