The best reason to not buy a super-flash, male wedding ring

Turns out diamonds are not just a girl's best friend...

Turns out diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend…


Let me start by saying that I know very little about lady wedding rings. I know that some look very similar to man ones while others are much more sparkly than you would expect to find on a man’s hand.

Though the male wedding ring above makes me think that there are no gender-based sparkliness rules after all.

I do actually know quite a lot about man rings though – mostly because almost 2 years ago now I had to face the terrifying prospect of choosing and buying one of these things.

And initially, after getting over the fact that I would have to wear jewellery at all, I wanted something that looked a bit like this…

wooden inlay

That’s right… it’s got a piece of wood in it!


I think wood is my favourite material. It’s pretty natural – a friendly tree made it. And it makes me feel calm. Metal is kind of terrifying – you have to get it really furnace hot before it bends to your will.

So I thought a wooden inlay in my wedding ring would be perfect.

But at that time I didn’t know about these crazy cats (N.b. they are not cats, they are still rings)


dinosaur bone and meteorite


What’s that on the right?  Another piece of wood? No it’s a dinosaur bone, fool! And on the left? That’s just your standard piece of meteorite!

Yeah these rings are pretty cool – they appeal to the six year old in all of us. I bet the power rangers would approve of this type of ring. And I would totally go for one of these as well!

I guess in that respect my fashion taste is quite similar to the power rangers.

But there are plenty of reasons to not buy one of these fancy rings…

Firstly, you can’t guarantee the colour of the dinosaur bone – and if you don’t like it you still have to wear it your whole life.

They also cost a lot of money – £750 for the dino/meteor combo.

Then I guess people might look at you funny. They might not have the same love of prehistoric times as you and they might not care if you have a space rock on your hand. Some people are just like that.

But the real reason to not buy one… the motivation that will help you suppress your inner child just a little bit…

Well it’s that these rings break very easily. The wooden inlays can warp if they get wet and the dinosaur bone chips if it touches anything too hard. Suddenly your awesome wedding ring looks pretty stupid.. and you feel stupid.

That’s the sort of thinking that made me get a pretty basic wedding ring. I chose silver because it’s the same all the way through. It won’t need re-coated like white gold. It’s also cheap enough that I can scratch it a little bit and we don’t need to cry about that.

In fact I scratched it on the first day – the wedding day. We probably shouldn’t have scheduled the photos at a place where I could climb up rocks and stuff.

But now it looks pretty cool with all it’s scratches – it looks lived in and I like it.