The best thing to do when confronted with veganism

This dog is demonstrating a common reacting to vegan food

This dog is demonstrating a common reaction to vegan food


I used to have a vegan flatmate. That was a weird time for me. She loved baking and devoted many hours and plenty of money to make delicious treats.

Only the treats weren’t delicious – they were sort of sloppy and bouncy. Two words that I don’t like to hear describing a cake.

So all this taking over the kitchen, making loads of noise and general passive aggressive-ness actually resulted in no reward for me whatsoever.

But she wasn’t even an extreme vegan… she just did it to “stay skinny for life”


will smith reacting

Thanks, Will Smith, for reacting perfectly to that comment for me…


I guess me and my vegan flatmate were just idealistically opposed. We never saw eye to eye on food issues. In fact, I’m not even sure vegans are allowed to see eye-to-eye… it’s too meaty a process.

But actually nothing about my stinky attitude towards sub-standard specialist food is a best thing. It’s just a Jon thing.

The best way to deal with any sort of veganism is actually to champion it… without changing your lifestyle at all.

Vegans are trying to do a good thing… reduce greenhouse gases, not kill cute little lambs – I bet vegans are probably not comfortable with throwing eggs at your house either. Those are all real positives.

Instead of trying to justify your stance on meaty goodness, just say well done to them – for doing something they believe in. It’s much more fun to cheer people on than argue about what’s on their plate.

Considering all of this, I’ve got an announcement to make…

I am now the (self-appointed) Unofficial Brand Ambassador for a vegan product. But not just any vegan product… I’m the Unofficial Brand Ambassador for delicious vegan Sheese.

Yes, that’s right… Sheese.

It’s like cheese but more soya and absolutely no animal involvement anywhere.


Sheddar Sheese

They really missed a trick in not calling this ‘Sheddar Sheese’…


You can get blue-style sheese, edam-style sheese… pretty much any cheese can go through the Sheesifying process. There’s normal Sheese, melty sheese, runny sheese, soft sheese…

It’s like a playground for people who really like soya products. Check it out for yourself if you want.

This is a picture of the guys that came up with the idea…


Sheese creators


And if this Brand Ambassador role goes well, soon it’ll be me on that picture as well. Three chaps standing together with the sunset on our backs and our awkward arms around each other’s shoulders… it’ll be great.

The only question left is what vegan product are you going to support? …There’s still plenty of room aboard the Sheese wagon if you want.