The best thing to do at the beach

Dicaprio beach

Leo didn’t get the memo that the beach was meant to be a place of fun, not somewhere to look pensive…

The beach is a great place to be. It’s peaceful, fun and relaxing. Sometimes it’s wet, dreary and your face just got stood on by a beach donkey, but mostly that doesn’t happen.

This past week I’ve been in Barcelona and the beaches around there were great. The sand was sandy and the sea was refreshing rather than terrifyingly cold.

It made a nice change to a day trip to Scarborough.

But when you’re on the beach the routine of sunbathe, swim, dry, mysteriously get covered in sand and apply sun cream can get a bit monotonous.

Crying baby

“Where does this sand even come from?!! I literally just washed it all off!”

To break this monotony in Barcelona they’ve created an outdoor gym on the beach for the mega ripped to get even more ripped so they can spend more time posing next to other people who are posing.

Quick question: how do they get ripped in the first place? There were no weedy guys there but people don’t tend to be naturally ripped. Where do the weedy guys work out to become ripped guys?! It’s always baffled me…

So, we wandered over to the gym and decided to have a go at a relatively un-gym-like activity: hanging from a pull up bar. The challenge is to hang there for 110 seconds. You’re allowed to change your grip and use your arms as well but nothing else. It’s much harder than it sounds and it seemed to frustrate those who were actually there to work out rather than those who thought the whole thing was a bit funny.

However, outdoor gyms are not the best thing to do at beaches. The best thing is so simple. The best thing is bat and ball.

Bat and ball

I’ve never seen anyone enjoying their beach time more than this…

For some reason this hasn’t taken off in Britain but pretty much everyone was playing it in Spain. I think it’s great.

It’s collaborative, easy to pick up and good for your hand eye coordination. It adds a bit of excitement to your sun bathing and is just a bit of fun. Just hit the ball back and forth, what could be easier?!

So you should get a set. It will make your trips to the seaside way better and more interesting. We need to bring this to Britain. We need this to be a casual pastime of every seaside resort.


I hope you all had a nice chilled week last week and you enjoyed the return of Steve’s nonsense posts today! It’s good to be back