The best logic puzzle from the Wachowskis

Dog wearing glasses   It’s a Friday and that means your mental capacity has been reduced by a long and draining week. You’re now about as smart as a patient just coming out of anaesthetic (really hard word to spell) or a dog wearing glasses. That’s good news for me because I have a logic puzzle for you and in your tired, blurry-minded state, you might just accept it as a legitimate puzzle and not just a really odd question based on real life events. To get this right you will need to use all your knowledge of the Wachowskis (directors of matrix and cloud atlas), Channing Tatum (Magic Mike, 21/22 Jump Street) and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the rings).  

This is what they look like... a useful clue for this particular puzzle

This is what they look like… a useful clue for this particular puzzle

  So you now know everything you need to solve this logic test… that means it’s time to begin the exam.

The Wachowski’s are making a film. It’s a science fiction film in which Channing Tatum’s character is spliced with wolf DNA… That gives him pointy ears and presumably a strong sense of loyalty and smell. So using your knowledge of all the people involved in this puzzle, tell me what animal the Wachowskis decided to splice Sean Bean DNA with.

Essentially, Channing Tatum is to wolf, as Sean bean is to which animal?   …   How are you getting on with that little quiz – can your Friday brain cope with it? Maybe you’re thinking it’s a bear… he looks quite bear like – well that’s wrong. Maybe you thought a Phoenix because Sean Bean dies all the time – wrong. Or maybe you went crazy and said something like a dolphin – well you’re wrong as well, Sean bean is nothing like a dolphin.   The answer of course… is a bee.   Sean bee   And I presume the only way you would have got it right is if you already knew this was happening. Because really this wasn’t a logic puzzle at all… it was just a way of telling you a really weird fact. Sean Bean is going to be playing a character that is part human, part bee – he’ll be called Stinger which sort of makes sense. But it raises more questions than answers… Will he die after one sting? Will he have tiny little bee wings? What sort of honey does he make? Will he be able to pollinate flowers? All of these questions make really compelling reasons to watch Jupiter Ascending when it comes out (February 2015 for us UK folk). Though it almost certainly will be a bit weird and a bit complicated… I guess it all depends on how enticed you are by the Sean Bean/bee collaboration.   That’s your lot of best things for the week. Steve will be back next week and normal service will resume… until I jet off to New Zealand for three weeks. Don’t worry though – I will be a slightly better travel blogger than Steve is… I think I’ll have more access to WiFi.