The best comment from the worst person


Sometimes a compliment isn’t a compliment if it comes from the wrong person. Like if David Dickinson said you’d done a great job on your fake tan. Or if Voldemort told you that you’d made a good decision.

Here’s one compliment we received recently…


Yes! Well be famouis in all the land!

Yes! We’ll be famouis in all the land!


And it sounds great until you realise who it’s from…


heated dog beds

Thanks… um… Heated Dog Beds


Heated dog beds is a weird idea for sure – I think that dogs are warm enough. But all they want to do is get clicks on their website.

And add this to the fact that we found this in our spam queue.. it all equates to not much of a compliment at all.

But seriously, that spam queue is fantastic. If you have a blog of your own then make sure you check it out.

It’s perfect if you like being complimented half heartedly in broken English.

Here’s one more that I can’t resist sharing…


Whats up to everyone!

What’s up to everyone! …is my new favourite greeting


I’m not sure what I wrote that day could be classed as fastidious information… but I’ll take the compliment anyway.