The best secret project to get you through a hard day at work


Work is always asking you weird questions… What time did you get in today? Why did you take so long eating lunch? When exactly are you going on holiday? What do you do all day?

It all gets a bit clingy.

Every worker needs a secret project – something that none of your colleagues know about. You work on it whenever you get locked into a boring phonecall or you just need some space to think.

One time I built a car out of staples which I was genuinely proud of and Hazel, a guest blogger here at Best Things, suggested some great devious ways to pass the time at work.

I once started a project which I liked to call ‘Journey to the centre of the earth‘. Using only the stationary within my work station, the challenge was to drill a small hole right through my desk.

I used a combination of drawing pins, paper clips and the point of my pen. But I switched desk just after I’d passed the halfway point. And to start again on a fresh desk just seemed like blatant vandalism.

But the best secret project is much less destructive and is summarised in this picture…


This is an easy shot - the man should be embarrassed  to miss so many tiumes

This is an easy shot – the man should be embarrassed to miss so many times


Throwing stuff at bins is the past time of the entire universe – it’s what we should all be doing. Why take that long boring hike to the recycling bin when you can use that time to get really good at aiming? If you’re bored and you’re not throwing stuff, then you’ve only got yourself to blame.


Steve McQueen knows what's up

Steve McQueen knows what’s up


But if you think that simply throwing stuff into a container can’t amuse you for very long, here’s a check-list for you to work down.

Think of it as levelling up…

  • In off the wall
  • In off two walls
  • In when your office is full, without anyone noticing.
  • The no-look score
  • In using your weaker hand
  • Kick it in
  • In off your co-worker’s head

Then double the distance and repeat.

Suddenly you’ve got a project which can last months. In fact if it doesn’t last months then you’ve probably committed too much time to it… get back to work!

But whatever you do, make sure you remember the all-important phrase. It’s a universal truth…

Only people who don’t throw things are bored.