The best Canadian Wimbledon


When you think of Canada you don’t often think of tennis.

Maybe you think of a moose, a Mountie or maple syrup. Whatever it is you think of, it probably begins with ‘m’ (mice hockey anyone?!).

So when there’s a great Canadian showing at Wimbledon, us Canadians sit up and take notice. At least us Canadians who live in Britain, speak with English accents and only hold expired Canadian passports. We really notice!

Let’s begin with the ‘worst’ success.

Milos Raonic got to the Men’s semi-finals


Raonic has a serve on him. It is an absolute beast. He achieved the greatest number of aces at Wimbledon this year with 164 in total. That’s an average of 27 aces a match.

He’s been tipped to be one of the big stars of the future and is currently ranked 9 in the world. At only 24 he’s still got a few years to go, especially once the current top dogs age and fall from grace. I think he’s got at least one Grand Slam in him if not more.

This year it certainly felt like the changing of the guard was inching ever nearer to the big four. Dimitrov (only 23) putting out Murray and Kygrios (only 19) putting out Nadal. Unfortunately, Dimitrov was beaten in the semis by Djokovic and Raonic was beaten by Federer.

It was still a pretty good showing from a Canadian though. We’re not normally good at this stuff.

Eugenie Bouchard got to the Women’s finals


Genie did pretty well. Also amongst those tipped to be one of the top in years to come. And it’s really not hard to see why.

Two years ago she won Junior Wimbledon and this year she has made the semi-final of the Australian and the French Opens as well as winning the most Grand Slam matches on the women’s tour. Currently she’s ranked 13th in the world but that’s likely to go higher soon. She’s only 20!

Unfortunately, she was trounced with a fantastic display from Kvitova to eventually lose the Wimbledon final but she had done so well up to that point. In fact, she was the first Canadian to ever reach a Grand Slam final, which puts her pretty high up in my esteem.

I’m expecting amazing things from her in the future and I hope she makes a big mark on the coming US Open.

Vasek Pospisil won the Men’s Doubles


Pospisil is the one on the right looking happy. Sock is on the left also looking happy.

Canada has a Grand Slam champion! Granted it was in the doubles, but I’m taking it.

Pospisil and his partner, Jack Sock (just a brilliant name), defeated the formidable Bryan brothers in 5 sets to take the title on Saturday. It’s really something of a surprise story.

Sock and Pospisil were unseeded and had not played much together before the tournament, they signed up a few days before. Their combined age is 45 and are both touching the 100 mark with their doubles rankings.

In contrast, the Bryan brothers were the top seeds and have won 98 doubles titles together, 15 of those are Grand Slams. They are an absolute joke! So for these youngsters to win it, it was brilliant.

This was a proud day for Canada and I hope there is much more to come.

Thank you very much Raonic, Bouchard and Pospisil, you’ve really done us proud. All we need now is for someone to invent ice tennis and it’ll be raining trophies.