The things which annoy me…

Here at Best Things, Jon and I like to tell you about all the good things in the world, the things we like. But, after a while, all that positivity can get a bit frustrating. It can get a bit repetitive.

There is also annoying stuff in our life too and sometimes we just have to get it out. I find the Best way to get it out is to write it down. So here you go, some things which annoy me…

When people spell ‘weird’ incorrectly

This really gets to me. I have no idea why but it seems like a significant proportion of the world can’t spell this word.

It is NOT spelt ‘wierd’.

I can’t believe I even wrote that. It makes me feel a little bit sick. 

I blame the ‘i before e’ people. They’ve got a lot to answer for. I’ve heard ‘heir’ often cries himself to sleep because people judge his spelling and call him a freak.

If you are a die-hard ‘i before e’ fan then remember this one simple rule: ‘weird’ is spelt weird.


When a single letter is used to sign off an email instead of someone’s full name

Who do they think they are?! A character in a James Bond film?!

Are you telling me that you couldn’t bring yourself to spend an extra second writing your full name despite sending me a tome of an email?! Really?!

It’s just frustrating, business rubbish.

People who judge you as posh for eating olives and chorizo 

They taste great. Why wouldn’t I eat them?!

Just because another country eats more of these foods than us, it doesn’t mean that you are some sort of snob for liking them.

Sure they cost a bit more per weight than other foods, but they aren’t foods you eat in large quantities. You don’t go on olive binges (sometimes I do actually).

You can spend £3 on a shot of vile vodka and be called a ‘lad’, or you could spend that £3 on a pot of olives and antipasti and actually get something you’ll enjoy and savour.

Leftovers for the sake of leftovers

If I’ve got a tiny amount of food left, maybe one or two roast potatoes, they are going in the bin. When am I going to eat one or two roast potatoes?!

Putting them in a plastic container is just a way of delaying the inevitable until they are mouldy enough so you don’t feel as ‘bad’ for throwing them away.

I don’t condone waste or think it’s a good thing, but I would prefer to let my food rot in the bin with other rotting things rather than in the fridge with the fresh stuff.

Washing up

Ugh, tedious, tiresome, torturous, terrible, tumultuous, tyrannical, tempestuous washing up. How I hate thee. 

But if I don’t entertain you, I feel like a massive slob. I am conflicted.


Shirts, why must you always crease? Non-iron shirts, why must you always feel very uncomfortable?

I don’t like ironing. It frustrates me.

The phrase ‘epic fail’

Thankfully very few are still using this phrase. I’m going to try and explain why I hate it and please bear with me, because it may not make a whole load of sense.

A while ago computer nerds would describe things as ‘epic’ and use the word ‘fail’. This was with a marginal section of society which most people looked down on and probably made fun of.

After some time, the internet became a thing and those people who were ‘cool’ picked up on this phraseology. They started saying it. A lot.

Then others who were ‘cool’ started saying it, becoming like the people they had mocked in the past. It seeped further into popular culture so that everyone said it, despite probably originating from others they may not associate themselves with.

To me, it screamed of hypocrisy and highlighted the ‘sheep’ nature of society. It made me sad.

Either that or I just don’t like the phrase. I’m not really sure.


Well that was satisfying. I hope you weren’t too distraught by a negative post.

Luckily, today is double post Friday so you can offset my post with the one Jon will write, abounding in positivity and good fortune.

And maybe some pictures…