The best thing about aggressive advertising campaigns


Decisions are hard… especially this one.

I often figure out exactly what I want, right after I’ve chosen something completely different. I think we’ve all done that before.

This condition can be pretty minor if you’re at a restaurant and pretty major if you’re at some weird spouse-picking convention (I’m frightened to google that, because it probably exists)

We can be really slow in making up our minds… and that’s why advertising exists.

While we’re deciding whether to visit Rome or Budapest advertising is like “Hey! Why don’t you buy some dog shampoo and a new home security system instead?”

And we say “Sure, it makes sense when you put it that way.” We trade in our fancy European holiday for a cleaner dog and a CCTV footage of your garden.

Advertising is there to fill the gap in our brains when we’re asked “What do you want?”

Most of the time that’s all fine – it’s sort of nice to have a few options. And I do like it on TV when the cars make lion noises and the cats run like dogs.

But recently I’ve been hearing a lot about “Aggressive Marketing”

Which at first sounds like a contradiction to me – like “aggressive puppies” or “gentle hurricanes” but it’s a real thing and it’s obviously something people worry about.

Aggressive marketing is essentially when a whole bunch of money is spent promoting a product, often in a bold and exciting way. Sometimes it will break a few taboos along the way but it will always be in your face and difficult to ignore.

It’s sort of like when America was trying to get to the moon, but in this case America is McDonalds and the moon is your money. Companies go on advertising missions to become the brand that everyone wants.

This sort of thing becomes a problem when it encourages people to use a product in a way that could hurt them eventually. That’s why there’s so many rules about advertising alcohol and tobacco.

But that’s the bad news and we don’t really focus on the bad news on this blog.

So what’s the best thing about aggressive marketing campaigns?

Well it’s simple…

At least we know what they want.

There’s only ever one message with aggressive marketing campaigns and it looks like this…


buy all the things advertising


So when Sainsbury’s says that they make life taste better – they really means that you should buy all their food. And when Yorkie bars say that they’re not for girls – they really mean that they are for girls… and for boys… and everyone should buy all the things.

It’s pretty reassuring actually. There are a million different ways to ask people to buy into your product but they all boil down to the same simple message.

I don’t want to sound like I’m somehow above the world of advertising though – I’m a sucker for that sort of thing and I have to stop blogging now because I’m going to go buy all the things.


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