The best ugly building in the world

Every town and city has one. In fact, every university has one – a building that was born ugly. The architectural equivelent of when you sleep on your front and wake up with weird creases in your face.

Here’s one from my university…

ugly building lancaster black box

Three windows is all you need to let light into this giant black cube…

I watched the big black box being built from foundations to completion – it was just outside the window of my first-year bedroom. Each day I would marvel at their refusal to install windows or use any colour at all.

But even though it’s ugly, it’s also sort of cool. It looks like what would happen if a borg cube from star trek had a baby with a turtle.


Do you see what I mean?

And that’s the thing about ugly buildings, you grow to love them. At first they’re an eye-sore but then you find that your life just wouldn’t be quite right without them.

I’m pretty attached to the Haymarket hub in Newcastle even though it got pretty far in the Carbuncle Cup of fiendishly ugly buildings

haymarket ugly metro

Sure it in no way matches its surroundings… but at least it’s shiny…

The truth is ugly buildings are sort of great.

But which is the best one? Well here are a few that were close but not quite the best thing today…



That’s the Russian embassy in Cuba standing tall and looking like it’s been made out of stickle bricks



scottish parliament ugly

I really like the Scottish Parliament building but it is sort of weird looking


And it’s no match for it’s English cousin…



Ohio ugly building

The Longaberger HQ in Ohio looks like a picnic basket… no one is sure why that was a good idea


But none of these are the world’s ugliest building… That one is truly special. It’s gone so far past terrible that it’s ended up being terrific. The best ugly building in the world is the National Library of Kosovo and you just have to look at it…


Kosovo ugly library

I just can’t take it all in… I keep looking in disbelief… so much concrete!

The best thing about this building is that the architects were probably sitting around at some point, wondering how to make the building more interesting. There was too much browny-grey concrete going on. The silence is broken by one man and his idea. He wants to put huge deflated footballs on top of each concrete cube… thus creating an army of soviet R2D2s.

Actually, now that I’ve seen this building, it’s the only environment in which I want to read books. It’s just got that ambience I love…

Click through to this google search for more pictures of the best ugly building in the world. It’s really something.