Steve and Jon’s best things vs a 1-year-old baby

Angry baby

Today this blog is exactly 1 year old. We’ve written stuff, pointed at things, analogized, and generally tried to bring you the best possible things.

But where should we be at this point? Are we making good progress? What skills should we have learnt and how good should we be at doing stuff?

Well today we’re going to take a look at how Steve and Jon’s best things measures up to a generic human 1-year-old. It’s us versus humanity… just like always.

My generic 1-year-old data is all taken from this parenting website if you’re interested.

Round 1 – Intellectual skills 

A 1-year-old can manipulate things to get a response, look towards an item when it’s named, understand the proper use for things (like hairbrushes or spoons) and copy basic gestures or movements.

Well, we are pretty terrible at getting a response – our best ever survey had like 6 people respond. We are experts at looking at stuff though – we can look at all the stuff.

We often ignore the proper use for stuff but we are experts at copying this dance move…

Why wouldn't you want to copy this guy?

Why wouldn’t you want to copy this guy?

Final verdict: 50% as good as a baby


Round 2 – Verbal skills 

A 1-year-old can respond to her name, follow very simple instructions, understand ‘no’ and make babbling sounds that mimic conversation…

Well, we have slight problems here… we’re pretty good at typing words but we haven’t actually said any words.yet. We’ll do some stuff with video this coming year but currently we have no audible voice – not even a babble. We never get given any instructions to follow so I guess we lose there as well.

We understand ‘no’ really well though…

Recently we said no to a guest post that was pretty funny – but for all the wrong reasons. This is the intro paragraph…


One of the only rules for guest posts is that they should have the word ‘best’ in them…

Essentially a man wanted you to buy some cake/fruit combo baskets and cleverly disguised it as a best things blog post…

But actually it ended up sounding like something the great Doge himself would have written.


So we understand ‘no’ at least a bit.

Final verdict: 25% as good as a baby

Round 3 – Social skills

At 12 months old, you’ll probably see your child react to unfamiliar situations with shyness or nervousness, have a favourite toy or spot in the house and play peek-a-boo or other interactive games.

Well we’re excellent at reacting to things with nervousness – just remember that time when we were freaked out by all the weird questions you were asking. We have a few favourite toys like this one and this one.

And we’re the guys that invented the amazing game of “rock” so you know full well that we are big on interactive games.

Final verdict: 100% as good as a baby

So if you take an average of our scores you’ll find out that we are in fact 58% as good as a 1-year-old.

We’re pretty pleased with that…

Steve and Jon’s best things – almost as good as a one-year-old

Thanks to everyone that has liked us, followed us or read our posts in the last 12 months. It’s been super fun and we sure are glad you stop by now and again.

Next year we’ll give you even better best things because soon we have to measure up to a two-year-old and that’s a scary thought.