The 2 best letters in the world cup Google Doodle


Don’t be fooled by his fancy skills – he’s not actually one of the best letters in Google

I’ve really been enjoying the world cup Google doodles. But it’s fair to say that not all of the letters in google have been created equally.

The first three are alright – nothing special. The lower case ‘g’ is pretty good. evidenced by his keep-up skills. But really the best two are saved for last.

I’ve got a lot of love for the ‘l’ and the ‘e’.

Let’s look at them in action. L comes across as the strong silent type – he doesn’t play by the rules.


Here’s L representing all the people who like books more than football…



And here he is revealing that actually he does like football – he just doesn’t want to show off about it

I love how much time and effort is put in to making these doodles. They really are bags of fun.

And fortunately for you, I’ve saved the best one until last… The one where ‘e’ and ‘l’ really go for it.

Just take a look at them and enjoy their dance moves…



That is just classic L and wow look at E go for it…

I’ve never seen a letter play a drum before but now I feel like my life has improved. He’s moving so well that I can pretty much hear the music… I can feel it in my soul.

Thank you, E, for your relentless enthusiasm and thank you L – for just being you…