The best alternative holiday experience


The internet, and therefore the world, is full of weary travelers who are more than happy to share their adventures with us. They tell us stories about bangles and bush fires, shell-picking and sheep testicles.

Most of the time this is a good thing, and sometimes it’s a bit boring. But I’m not here to pass judgement on that right now.

What I am here to tell you about is a particular type of holiday. One that won’t expose you to any of the foreign cultures that all the travel writers talk about.

This type of trip is beautiful in it’s simplicity.

All you need to do is find a renovated boathouse to stay in. And if you’re extra lucky, find one with a free boat.

Here’s a cool one up in Northumberland…

boathouse northumberlan

Who knew boats lived in such nice houses?


These properties are super expensive.

If you were very rich and a bit quicker than me, you could have bought this one below for just shy of 2 million pounds…


amazing boat house

I’ll take two please…


It’s absolutely worth looking at the photos of this place. Even if it does drag me into a state of jealous rage.

It’s places like this that make me wish I invested more time in befriending super rich people.


super rich p[erson's boat

This is where the fancy people keep their fancy boat…

Boat that’s enough of my jealousy now. (That was genuinely supposed to say ‘but’ – but my jealousy made me type the wrong word…)

After all, I can go on holiday to these boat places anytime I want. Well as long as I save up a bunch of money, convince my wife it’s a good idea, book more thana year in advance and get time off work.

Actually it’s pretty tricky to go on holiday to a boathouse cottage. But it’s totally worth it for several reasons.

  • You’re right on the lake front – the best bit of a holiday near a lake is being right on the front. With a boathouse that’s your starting point.
  • You can swim whenever you like – and by swim I mean paddle for a bit, submerge fully, then run inside crying with the cold.
  • You get a free boat to use whenever you want – amazing! Those things normally cost like £5 for half an hour.
  • No one else will have the same holiday as you – probably..

By now you should be totally eager to do this boathouse holiday thing. So let me point you in the right direction – here’s the one in northumberland, here’s one that’s good for big families, and here’s one of my favourites.

It’s little and it’s perfect and of course it comes with a free rowing boat…

boat house knotts end