The 5 best reasons to actually support England this world cup

World Cup ball trophy

It’s easy to be negative – especially about the state of English football. But this blog is mostly about being positive – and today is the first day of the world cup.

So here are the five best reasons to properly support England for the next few weeks of your life…

1. They probably aren’t going to win

We’re starting on a bit of a downer here. But England are almost certain to not win this world cup. So that takes some of the pressure away. Really we want to make it to the quarter finals – then we can have a big party.

We don’t need to be world beaters to feel good about our nation – we just want to win four games of football. That’s sort of what we’re rooting for.

So sit back and celebrate every little victory. It will be a fun trip.

2. They are pretty likable

Sure there are some sketchy characters in there but this year everyone is behaving pretty well. Nobody is punching other people in night clubs or sleeping with team mate’s girlfriends. Everyone seems pretty happy with life.

Nice things happen like when Steven Gerrard comforted little Raheem Sterling after he got sent off the other day…

comforting raheem


He’s upset because this just happened and then they both got sent off…

sterling and valencia

3. They are unknown 

Most of the English players this year haven’t actually played a world cup before. And that’s a good thing because we usually suck at world cups.

Taking a whole bunch of new chaps means that we can at least expect something different. And I like different.

Last world cup we had almost no exciting players; this year we’ve got plenty that could surprise us.


4. Daniel Sturridge dances funny

Probably England’s best scorer of goals, Daniel Sturridge, is also England’s best dancer – certainly in terms of effort…

I like a striker who can dance...

I like a striker who can dance…

We need more of that in our lives this summer.

5. It’s better than not getting into it

As a younger person, I never used to dance. I thought it was an odd social phenomenon and I took a silent protest at any wedding or party I went to. But doing that taught me something – the only thing worse than dancing at a party is not dancing at a party.

You just have to sit with other awkward people and complain about how dancing is ruining your life. It’s dull and you feel bad.

But now when the music plays I just get up and flail some limbs about and although it’s a bit weird, I have more fun than I used to.

You might never love watching football but it’s the world cup this month and you should make the most of it.

Millions of people like this old competition and you’ll probably be happier if you get involved.

It's dancing time

Time to start flailing those limbs everybody