The best thing to say in defence of photoshopped beauty

photoshopped abs amazing actually bad

You just can’t compete with this level of beauty

We’ve all seen how celebrities and models get photoshopped in magazines. We’ve all heard how this creates an unattainable standard of beauty for those of us who live outside of magazines.

But let’s get some perspective on this matter – because actually it’s not that bad for us humans.

Look, for instance, at what tortoises have to deal with…


tortoise can't smile

Sometimes your head just won’t lift as high as it used to and your eyes just look a little small and beady.


And it doesn’t stop there. These unrealistic beauty expectations are rife in the animal kingdom.




bee standards

So many bee puns could go in this caption – all of them would be terrible.


elephant seal

In reality, it’s not so glamorous to have a trunk…



Some monkeys have bums for faces and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad

warthog standards

Pumba is so sleek and shiny and he’s got a dazzling smile. What can a regular warthog do to keep up?


For some reason our unrealistic beauty expectations extend to the natural world. Maybe we just like to be disappointed?

Personally though, I prefer my animals with a bit of ugly in them. It adds character.

And next time you are angry at a magazine cover, spare a thought for this guy. His face says it all really…

bum faced monkey

It’s ok buddy, we still like you