The best lip-synch ‘win’

Emma Stone is an actress. She’s in the new Spiderman film. She’s also in other films.

But one thing that you may not have known about Emma Stone is that she’s got the skills when it comes to lip-syncing. Her first performance is OK, but it’s really near the end where it gets good.

Skip to 5:29 to really see something!

She takes DJ Khaled’s ridiculous song, All I do is win,  and breathes new life into it. It’s fascinating.

She lets us know about some of her thoughts…

Emma stone gif 1

…then she gives us a vital piece of information about her building stepping…

Emma stone gif 2

…but what happens when you step into a building Emma Stone?

Emma stone gif 3


Emma stone

OK, I think I get it

Emma stone

What does that mean you do?

Emma stone gif 4

Needless to say, the lip-sync battle she had with Jimmy Fallon was thoroughly won.

It’s OK Jimmy, there will be other chances

Jimmy fallon gif