The best enjoying music face

poker face music

This guy’s not enjoying the music enough – his face is boring.

I know you know what I mean here. I barely need to say it. 

That face you do when you’re enjoying a really good piece of music – that face is funny. Whether the song is slow and emotional or catchy like a crazy frog – the face you do when you’re enjoying the music is really special.

It looks different for everyone but here’s a good example…


Close your eyes, smile, touch your face and BAM you’re now enjoying music.


I really think these faces should be celebrated. Music can sort of catch us off guard. It can make us act differently to normal – let down our guard and do a weird face. If it’s really good you even start to do a weird dance.

I’m going to celebrate these things today by sharing the best music enjoyment faces on  the internet.

Let’s go for it…

highly unusual music face

She must be listening to some really exciting music to pull that face…

old man music

This is how all senior citizens should listen to music… so content!

funky and intense dancing

Woah, things are starting to get funky and intense…

party dancing

Join the party everyone…



What the heck is this guy listening to?

no worries music

Don’t worry… he still liked it in the end.


And here’s my favourite…


sheer passion -  music

This is what I hope my music face is like

I can fully see the passion in this kid’s face. He loves music so much and therefore he has the best enjoying music face.

If you want to explore the whole range of music faces for yourself just search google images for listening to music

And then make sure your enjoying music face is suitably ridiculous – otherwise you’re not enjoying it enough.