The best way to rejuvenate yourself

Cat looking at computer screen

This cat says it all…

Often we can work ourselves into a stupor from all the screens in our lives.

We go to work/university/school and we’re bombarded by these windows of light. As soon as we come home, we inflict them on our eyes once more. We even carry them around in our pockets.

These are your TVs, your computers, your tablets, your phones, your laptops, your portable games consoles. They are absolutely everywhere.

After a while we can forget there’s an entire world outside, so much so that the acronym IRL (in real life) has become a thing. Like a real thing. It becomes like Stockholm syndrome for our brains and we are willingly held captive by these machines which we rely on so heavily.

It’s amazing how short our attention spans have become and how quickly everyone reaches for their phones when nothing is happening. I’m as bad as the next person. Sometimes I tell myself not to get out my phone but quickly find a ‘worthy cause’ to pull it out of my pocket.

Phone addiction

Soooo, this is a thing

It’s terrifying.

Spend long enough like this and most of us become like zombies, unable to think properly with tired eyes. So how do we wake ourselves up from this? How do we rejuvenate ourselves?

Go outside.


This is what outside looks like – it’s much better IRL than on your computer screen though

It’s so easy.

Go outside.

Outside is really amazing. There are people. There are trees. There is grass. There is nature. There is the sky. There is fresh air. There is beauty.

Yesterday evening I had a Youtube binge on all the videos by Childish Gambino (Troy from Community – he’s a proper rapper now), and I realised I needed to buy some Cornflakes.

So I went outside.

It was incredible. A lovely, warm British evening greeted me and refreshed my brain. It felt like I was suddenly doing something real and positive with my time just because I was filled with fresh air.

Stepping out of your house and going on a walk can be great sometimes. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far, I’m sure there’s some beauty near where you live. Just try staring at something for long enough.

If you don’t find beauty then try listening to Sea of Voices by Porter Robinson whilst staring at it. It’ll make it seem all the more impressive.

Well I hope that made sense. Just go outside. Drop what you’re doing. Go outside. That might help you understand.

It’s pretty good.