The best slide

In Bristol there is a suspension bridge. It goes from one side of a gorge to another.

photo (26)

This bridge is held up by rope tension – that’s pretty cool…

Because there is a gorge, there are rocks around the suspension bridge. Because there are some rocks then, inevitably, some of them will be slanty.

What do you do if something is slanty? You slide down it of course!

Some bright spark a while ago thought it would be a good idea to scooch down a slope of rock by the side of the Bristol suspension bridge. Over time, more and more people have also thought it was a good idea to slide down this same patch of rock, resulting in an incredibly smooth trail of rock.

This smooth trail has become famous and is now known as the ‘Slippery Slope’ (actually it may not be known as that at all but my friend said it and he’s Bristolian so I trust him) and lots of people come to slide down it.

It’s great.

photo (25)

The slippery slope is the bit which looks like it’s wet and is hard to see. I took a really good photo

I decided it would be a good idea to give it a try, despite being warned that another friend had ripped his trousers as a result of this frivolity.

I fought my way to the top, pushing the myriad of kids aside and perched waiting to go down. It’s an odd sensation standing at the top of a slide of rock. You assume it will be OK because loads of other people have already made it down safely, but it’s still a slide made out of rock. That plays on your mind.

I plucked up my courage and took the plunge. Granted it was only about 4 metres long and lots of children were doing it so it didn’t require much courage.

Thankfully I made it to the bottom rip-free and in one piece despite nearly kicking a straying child in the face (he totally wandered into my flight path).

I decided there and then that it was the best slide I had ever been on. Sure it was short and a bumpy ride but I quickly got over that when I reminded myself that it was made out of rock. Out of rock!

If you ever find yourself in Bristol then you should make your way to the slippery slide. You’ll probably be underwhelmed to be honest but remember: IT’S A SLIDE MADE OUT OF ROCK.