The best pile of green

Yesterday I had the ‘joy’ of gardening. This involved spending about 2 hours fighting with my shrubbery and complaining to myself for not getting to it sooner.

I had waited so long that the grass was so tall it came up to my knees. There was a Springtime’s worth of greenery in the garden so the amount I had to get rid of was quite a lot.

After taming the shrubs and grass to largely resemble something reasonable, I stood back and looked at my handiwork. It didn’t look all that much better to be honest.

I collected up all of the cuttings and started to put them in a pile. As the pile grew and grew I became proud of the sheer volume I had cut off and mown. It was a physical display of the past hour’s work.

My grass pile spurred me on to keep cutting back and cutting back the bushes, probably shearing where I didn’t need to shear and trimming where I didn’t need to trim, just to add to my growing massacred greenery.

Eventually I ‘finished’ (the quotation marks are because most other people would have only just started) and I stood back and looked at my handiwork.

Here is a picture of how high the pile got:

photo (24)

Here is a picture with no pile so you can compare:

photo (23)

This pile is a drop in the ocean when compared to leaf piles however. Here is a really big one:

Pile of leaves

Now THAT’s what I call a pile of foliage.

To sum up, if you want to feel you’ve achieved something with your garden, look to the amount of foliage you cut off. If you need more then try trimming the bushes back a bit more or cutting down an entire tree. That’s sure to do it.