The best photo to sum up where I work

desk outside

You can find a picture of anything on the internet… 


Some people work in war zones and that must be pretty bad. Others have to deal with hazardous materials or extreme climates. That also sounds pretty bad.

I work in a place that is more weird than it is bad. It’s an industrial estate of sorts and it hasn’t been renovated since the early 70s.

And those 70s guys had a strange idea of what might be nice for all the thousands of people that work here.

But at this point I can stop talking – because I have a picture that is worth many words. It perfectly sums up this estate in which I work.

Look closely now… take in the beauty.




Quite something, isn’t it? It’s just opposite my office but I only noticed it the other day. This is the closest a bench can come to actual crying.

It captures the whole experience for me working in this estate. There were initially good intentions but a combination of litter, corrosion and poor planning have left somethng less than desirable.

It looks like they actually cut into the hedge to create room for a bench… certainly an interesting idea. I think on my last day working in this place – which may yet be a few years away – I will have my lunch on this bench and appreciate the true industrial estate experience.

I’ll probably keep my feet off the floor though because I’m scared the rats might nibble them.