The best Friday feeling

Have you ever noticed how the internet focuses on the simple things in life?

The internet loves kittens… especially when they fall over.



The internet loves a heart warming story…

heart warming story deaf


It’s a heart warming story, but is it true? I guess a best things attitude would say probably – we like to be optimistic. doesn’t have the time to deal with things like details though – and neither does the internet most of the time.

The internet likes simple things.

Like this guy and his fun moustache…

fun moustache

What secrets is he hiding behind that thing?


But sometimes the internet doesn’t capture the whole story. Because when the internet talks about Friday, and how it feels, it gives you things like this…


we must conga dogs


And while that picture is very true, it doesn’t capture the full range of Friday feelings.

Because I love a Friday that comes after a long hard week, where you don’t necessarily feel like launching straight into a conga. I love that feeling when you get home from work and crash out on the sofa. Maybe just for ten minutes.

But you know that the week is done for a while. That you’ve achieved at least something. That sofa feels good.

It’s probably looks more like this…


sleepy dog


But that doesn’t mean it’s less valid than the crazy party Friday feeling. I actually think this one is better. It’s more content.

So on this very rare, non-double post Friday take some time to be like that dog up there.

But maybe wait until you’ve left work because no one wants to pay you to take a nap.