The best way to make a guitar sound better than an orchestra

weissenborn guitars

I love guitars – particularly the acoustic ones. I love the sounds they make, all deep and bassy with a hint of recklessness. You don’t need to be an artist or a musician to play the guitar. You just need functioning fingers and a bit of rhythm.

I can play some guitar, but I’m not the best.

If you asked me to take on an orchestra in some sort of music battle I would lose absolutely. Their symphonies would trump my three-chord anthems – though I would try my best.

But give Thomas Oliver a special sort of guitar – one that you play flat on your lap – and I think we have something that could compete.

I listen to his cover of the Jurassic Park theme and it just takes the first few notes to hypnotize me. Not only is he playing the guitar in a mad way, he’s doing something that sounds amazing. Something I want to stick on repeat for as long as my attention span will allow.

So plug your headphones in, or crank up the speakers and listen to this.

At 1.32 he switches his hands round and starts plucking the wrong side of the strings – crazy.

So if you ever find yourself in a music battle with an orchestra, just flip your guitar on it’s back and do what this guy did. It’s your only shot at winning.