The best sandwich for sandwich haters

Today I write my blog post on the train using my phone’s 3G capabilities. I feel like I’ve finally entered 2010. Maybe one day I’ll get 4 gees, but I’m not holding out hope.

I was working today in a bizarre store called The Original Factory Shop. It sells everything and anything and doesn’t pigeon-hole itself as any particular ‘genre’ of store. In fact, people visit it with no product in mind but expect to walk out with arms full of goodies they didn’t know they needed.

And whilst I was there, I noticed this product, the mallow sandwich:


Look at how great it is, nice and sickly, just what the doctor ordered.

Personally, I’m not a sandwich kind of guy. I find them dry, boring, poor tasting and cold. At least, they are whenever I make them. When someone else makes them or I buy them, they tend to be ok, but I typically stick to a no sandwich rule.

So when I saw this sandwich I got very excited! It’s perfect and nothing like the sandwiches I normally make.

Later tonight I will be able to taste this delicacy and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. If I don’t, I’ll have to travel back in time to give it to past Steve who I’m sure would greet it with open arms.

It looks like today will have to be double post Thursday as I’m going to post this on the train. I hope you’ll all be able to cope with this life shattering change. Normal service should resume on Monday (I’m actually on holiday on Monday so maybe normal service will never return. Sorry about that.)