The best tree in England

bonsai trees

These trees are not the best in England

Hadrian’s Wall is a great idea. I like it when people build really large walls. I guess at some point people decide that this part of land is theirs and they should make sure other people know about it.

It was probably all a bit like finders keepers for a while – until all the land was walled up and there was nothing left to find. Hadrian’s wall, as opposed to other walls, was supposed to keep the scary Northerners away from the delicate Southerners in old-time Britain. It’s all very game of thrones, or more accurately, game of thrones is all very old-time Britain – with added fiction.

Anyway, I’m not here to give you a terrible and inaccurate history lecture. I’m here to tell you about the best tree in Britain. It’s this one…


sycamore gap tree

My phone normally takes bad pictures, but with this tree it’s impossible.

It’s in a place called the Sycamore Gap – which probably means it’s a Sycamore tree. What is for sure, is that this tree is wonderful.

It’s framed perfectly by a steep V-shaped valley. It’s leafy, green and just looks like art. It looks photo-shopped to be honest – but in a good way.

This tree was even in a movie.

You can climb it if you want but it’s not super easy – that means you get a sense of achievement if you do it. But really you can just feel happy to sit in it’s shade and think about what a good tree you’ve found.

Here is the climbing…



This is guest contributor Jo – his main contribution to the blog is his climbing ability

And here is the sitting…



By now you should want to go visit, so maybe park at Housesteads Roman fort (but don’t visit this attraction because it looks boring and expensive…). Walk west along the side of the wall for 2/3 miles and you’ll see the tree (along with lots of other good stuff on the way). It’s best enjoyed with a picnic on a sunny day.

Hey, that’s two proper recommendations we’ve given you in a row – I think that’s almost a record for us. Normally we get distracted by making fun of stuff and philosophising.