The best book I’ve read in a while

Woman reading a book

This is known as a “stock photo” making boring presentations slightly less boring since 2001

I took up reading a few years ago. I realised there was a whole load of “classics” (not the Classics e.g. The Iliad) which I had not read and I thought it would be a good idea to read them to appear learned.

I read a few and quickly noticed a pattern: to be described as a classic/modern classic, the book must be made up of long, complex sentences with words like “actuation” or “sully”, words which no-one really understands; or there is a section within the book which is pointless, plot is a fond memory and it’s just words for the sake of words.

Crime and Punishment is a big offender of the latter but perhaps the most frustrating is The Picture of Dorian Gray. What a terrible book! It has about four pages of plot and fifty pages describing Oscar Wilde’s ideal house, right down to the detailing on the curtains.

So a book which has short sentences and is easy to read is always welcomed, and that’s what Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is like. It’s really great.


I’ve never done a book review before so I’ve decided to do it in the form of question and answer with an imaginary person.

Is it a good book?


What is it about?


That’s a bit flippant…could you expand a bit?

The author, Donald Miller, wrote a book a while ago called Blue Like Jazz which was very popular. A few years after, a couple of film producers came to Don and asked him if they could make a film out of it, to which he responded yes. This book is about making that film.

That doesn’t sound like anything to do with story, it sounds like an ill-watched DVD extra

That’s true, but it is incredible. The book is all about how Don learned to turn his life into a story and, most importantly, how to write a good story. So it’s actually about story.

Well that sounds like a book for aspiring writers or film-makers, why should I read it?

It’s quite interesting to learn about story, Don writes very well and it’s a great reflective book which makes you look at life and the world in a different way. I liked it because it was so easy to read compared with plenty of other books.

And why shouldn’t you read it…

Because you don’t own a copy, obviously, otherwise you would have read it. Or if you don’t like reflective works because you think they are pretentious.

Out of 5 stars, what would you rate it?

5. This is the Best Things blog, what kind of stupid question is that?!

…I’m you…


So you should totally buy and read this book. It’s well worth your time. It also doesn’t take long to read so you can tick it off as your book for the month and feel happy about yourself.

To make it easy for you, the link to purchase the book is here.