The best thing to do with all your hidden strength


Somewhere deep inside of you there is a well. But unlike regular wells, this one serves up buckets of strength. It can normally be accessed only in times of trouble – like when your dog is trapped under a large rock, or when you’re suddenly in a gun fight and your commanding officer shouts “cover me”

That’s when the hidden strength comes out.

It’s also there when you cross your comfort zone border and do something socially weird – like going to a sauna with your boss or taking a donkey to the theatre. Not sure why you’re taking a donkey to the theatre, but it would certainly require some hidden strength to pull off something that audacious.

But none of these scenarios are the best use of your hidden reserves of strength.

The best use is mostly accidental… The best use is to break stuff. Do things that make you say

I didn’t know my own strength

Like recently, I accidentally broke my toothbrush – like I really broke it.


Even duct tape would struggle to solve this problem…

After months of vigorous teeth cleaning, I had weakened the structure of the brush. The other day I went to dry it with a towel and my unimaginable hidden reserves of power meant that I snapped it into two pieces.

I had never seen that happen before. It felt good. I felt strong.

I still remember the day… probably about 3 years ago now when one of my friends broke my frisbee. He did it with a single karate chop.

Instead of catching it, like a regular person would, he decided to spike it down on the grass. A questionable choice, yes, but there should have been no long term consequences. Amazingly though, my friend summoned his inner strength reserves and karate chopped my disc in half.


frisbee broken inner strength

This is not the actual frisbee but it’s exactly what happened

We all stood back in awe.

Because truly this is the best use of your inner power – to break things accidentally. So next time it happens, take a breath and appreciate your own strength.

Happy double-post Friday everybody. Break all the things.