The best animal pose

A while ago I went to a wildlife photography exhibition. After I had looked at all the wildlife, I went to the gift shop, a vital part of anyone’s trip, and when I was there I saw this postcard:

photo (22)

I immediately loved it and knew I had to have it. This frog/toad is just chillin’ and chillin’ like an absolute G. He has no cares in his life and he wants us all to know it.

Which made me think about other animals leaning and I quickly realised this was definitely the best pose for an animal to be in. I can’t tell you exactly why, but I know it brings me great joy.

So below are a collection of animal leans, special in their own way.

The “I don’t lean against trees, trees lean against me” lean

Leaning baboon

The “full bodied commitment” lean

Bear leaning

The “stop messing around” lean

Dog leaning

The “oh, I’m in your way, but does it look like I care” lean

Cat leaning

The “there was meant to be a bus 10 minutes ago” lean

Elephant leaning

The “my face tells a thousand stories” lean

Cow leaning

The “if you think for one minute that I’m getting up to help you…” lean

Meerkat leaning

Remember leaning is great. It shows you just don’t care, even more so than when you throw your hands in the air.

Besides, the king of cool, the Fonz mastered the lean, so you should too…

Fonz leaning