The best IKEA facts


We all love IKEA. Whether it be for the meatballs, the ridiculously cheap ice cream or the experience of being in a well lit cave. Whatever it is, we flock to that store.

Despite being absolutely huge, we don’t put it with the other large corporations that we hate. Probably because we find the Swedish names for their products endearing. For instance, I have a lamp called ‘Not’ and you can buy a a giant broccoli stuffed toy called Torva.

IKEA stuffed toy

Words can’t describe quite how amazing this toy is…

There is also a whole host of interesting facts about IKEA – here are a few taken from a variety of sources. Some of these sources may be accurate (e.g. IKEA website) and some may be inaccurate (my brain), see if you can spot the inaccurate ones:

1) In Europe, 1 in every 10 children  is conceived in an IKEA bed. In Britain, this number grows to 1 in every 5

2) The largest IKEA meatball ever produced weighed more than 8 stone

3) In 2011 IKEA gave out 60 million door hinges. That’s nearly the population of Britain. I’m yet to receive mine…

4) IKEA is a franchise business and so it’s stores are all operated by other companies.

5) IKEA now operates in 42 countries and have decided to stop expansion into any other countries because the directors believe 42 is the answer to the ultimate question about Life, the Universe and Everything.

6) The IKEA logos used to look like this:

IKEA logos

7) I have a friend who pronounces IKEA like this: “ih-kay-yah”

8) The IKEA website was visited 1.2 billion times in the past year. That’s the equivalent of the entirety of India visiting the website

9) If you visited a different IKEA store every day, starting from January the 8th, you would return home with only a week to spare before Christmas (provided it’s not a leap year)

10) There are now over 500 million IKEA family cards in existence making it the world’s largest family. Only just beating out the Brady family which is estimated to be about 493 million people

Brady bunch

They were a productive bunch once the show came to an end…

11) Stockholm houses the world’s largest IKEA at 594,000 sq ft. That is equivalent to 594,000 squares with the side length of an average man’s foot. Or 10 American football fields – whichever you find easiest to understand

12) IKEA first started selling ready-made furniture until 1978 when Ingvar Kamprad (company founder) lost his thumb hammering together a piece of furniture. Rather than giving up, Ingvar decided to spread the risk out and hope that others would also lose their thumbs so he would not be alone

IKEA chair

The first product sold in an IKEA store

13) The most popular phrase from people who live in Coventry is this: “If it weren’t for IKEA, I don’t know why I would live here…”

14) IKEA save £2 billion each year by not putting windows in their new stores. Ironically, they spend £3 billion each year lighting their stores

15) When IKEA entered America, they were surprised at buoyant sales of their small flower vases. It turns out Americans were using these as large tumblers

16) In 2013, IKEA’s turnover reached 29.2 billion Euros. That’s as if the entire population of the world bought an IKEA 365+ food container, retailing at £3.25

IKEA food container

If you would like to know which ones were lies then look below…





2, 5 half lie – the directors were annoyed once IKEA expanded to 43 countries as they wanted to keep it at 42, 10, 12, 13 and 14