The best thing about the rain


It’s a rain themed double-post Friday today. Steve was spot on with his rain enjoyment theory – the dancing man was ever so happy.

But you might be left wondering, what is the best thing about the rain?

Well I’ll answer your questions with a few words and a multitude of pictures…



The best thing about the rain is when the frogs get their umbrellas out.



frog with umbrella best

Here is a frog with an umbrella… amazing!




double frog two umbrella under

These guys know how to stay dry – despite looking like aliens on drugs



close up frog umbrella

This is the close-up that you absolutely needed


The frogs just have such good facial expressions – they would win drama class for sure. Thanks for being you, frogs.


frog is crazy - jumping pose

Woah, slow down! We can’t keep up with your awesome.


That’s all for today – why would you need anything else?