The best reason to start singing

Singing can have a big impact on your life. People can feel better after singing and it can bring them together, that’s why so many like singing at football matches, not because they all wanted to be part of Broadway musicals.

But the best reason to start singing is because it’s raining.

Hear me out.

Have you ever thought about how rubbish the rain is? It’s cold, gets in your eyes, ruins your hair, makes you wet, puts puddles on the road and makes you miserable.


Unfortunately, rain will always stay rain, I don’t think we could change the composition of it. Besides, if it were made of a more fun substance e.g. Coke, then it would be mega annoying and erode everything. Saying that, at least the pennies on the road would become very shiny.

Also, rain will always be there if you stay in Britain. Global warming isn’t suddenly going to start extending our Summers and shortening our Springs – and even if it did, there would be no guarantee that it wouldn’t rain.

So we have to deal with it. But wouldn’t it be better if it were more fun?!

That’s where the singing comes in: you should start singing in the rain.

There’s a whole musical about it after all and look how much fun this guy seems to be having:


We’re pretty much programmed to sing in the rain as well. I’ll prove it with a simple thought experiment:

Imagine you’re taking a shower. Are you singing? Of course you are!

There you go. Proved it. Designed to sing in the rain. Q.E.D.

If you don’t like singing then you could always try a different tactic, maybe dancing, maybe running, maybe jumping, maybe forwards rolling, whatever makes you a bit happier. The main point here is to embrace the rain.

We spend so much time moaning about the rain and feeling sorry for ourselves that we actually forget it’s not that bad. Does it hurt? Does it call you names? Is it devising evil schemes to make the rest of your life terrible? No! It’s just rain.

And if you embrace it and sing in it then you’ll be a lot happier when it rains, or people will think you’re slightly crazy.

If you’re not convinced then try going out when it’s raining to do nothing but be in the rain. Luckily, it’s raining quite a lot at the moment so you’ve plenty of time for practice. Remember rain is not your enemy, it waters the land and the crops. Sing it a song to say thanks for your lettuce.


“Rainy rain, you made my lettuce grow, thanks a lot, you did it like a pro”