The best way to treat campaign media

As the European elections draw close, more and more political bits and pieces crop up. There are political signs, political ads and political posters. In my area it’s hard to walk down the street without a bright orange sign saying ‘Lib Dems winning here’, which I find quite surprising.

But, as with all elections, parties like to take things to an extreme. They like to exaggerate other party’s weaknesses and the failings of the current government – something they seem to do more often than actually shout about their own policies.

And this is why we should all treat campaign media with the below phrase in mind:

“Come on mate, you’re being a bit ridiculous!”

Because that is what campaign media is: utterly ridiculous.

It is so incredibly petty, like two 8 year old’s fighting over a toy that neither of them want. They create campaigns which fear monger and take premises to extreme, illogical conclusions.

You may get the impression from this that I don’t like political media, but it’s exactly the opposite, I love it. I find them really funny.

Here are two examples of media from some of the ‘greatest minds’ in our country.

First from Labour:

Political poster labour

And one from the Conservatives:

Political poster tory


Both are campaigns focussing how bad the other guys are. It’s a little bit sad.

Anyway, I got the below letter through my door from the Lib Dems earlier today. This one you really need to read with a pinch of salt…

Lib dem letter

Really?! Bringing up WWI?! Really?! I realise it’s not drawing an exact parallel with our current situation but it sticks in your mind. Almost as if electing the Lib Dems could prevent the next world war.

My favourite part of the letter is this statement:

“For your own family’s sake”

If you don’t vote Lib Dem then your family is in serious danger. If you don’t vote Lib Dem then you don’t love your young children. If you don’t vote Lib Dem then the world will probably explode…

And that is why you need to keep in mind: “Come on mate, you’re being a bit ridiculous!”