The best passive aggressive stone

rock on string

Normally rocks are pretty basic – they don’t have many complexities. If they were going to be aggressive, they would be straight up with you. They wouldn’t roll their eyes and make sarcastic comments. They wouldn’t throw a party and invite everybody but you.

They would probably just try to knock you out.

I guess that’s what makes this passive aggressive rock so unique. It’s subtle with it’s anger. It lures you in with friendship but leaves you feeling like an idiot.

I best just show it to you already…


That’s a pretty funny thing to hang outside your house. I first saw it in Ambleside a couple of weeks back. It’s a well thought out idea and you can buy it here and add a name of choice to the top of the sign.

But let’s not pretend that this stone doesn’t have some serious issues.

Passive aggressive behaviour is a term I hear quite a lot but struggle to hold a firm definition in my mind. Essentially it’s when you don’t deal with a problem directly, instead your behaviour turns negative but you keep insisting that everything is fine.

Like maybe a your best bud got an amazing score in an exam – beat you by a long way. Instead of admitting that you’re upset, you do a silent protest every time the test is mentioned. You stare into the distance with a pouty face.

In this case, Mike is super mad that everyone is obsessed with knowing the weather. Instead of dealing with this directly, he goes out and hangs a rock to his roof and starts to patronise everyone passing by. I’m not mad at Mike though because I think the sign is pretty funny.

That’s probably why it’s the best passive aggressive stone and not the worst.

Well done weather forecasting stone, you’ve shown me that passive aggression can be super fun.