The best gym advertising


This is Gymbox.

I don’t know about you, but I read that with the voice of King Leonidas from 300. And that’s the impression Gymbox are going for.

If you haven’t heard of Gymbox then that’s OK, but you’re missing out on the best gym experience of your life. Forget the old, stuffy gym you used to go to with their breaking down treadmills and ugly people – Gymbox is a whole new ball game.

Think day-glo exercise bikes and neon lights. Think punching bags and battle ropes. Think about going to the gym differently.


Why should the gym be about pain and suffering?! All it really should be is a massive rave with lots of pretty people who work out.

This is the impression I have been given by Gymbox from their propaganda video:

Now, those last few paragraphs were written with a hint of sarcasm, but Gymbox really do a good job of advertising. Particularly to young people. They sell a lifestyle rather than their products.

I’ve walked past their entrance before and they had A-frames up saying stuff like: “the best kept secret in exercise” or “your new life lies behind this door” or “we’re playing on your curiosity by pretending we’re really different to other gyms but we’re actually the same”.

They’ve caught my attention and I really wanted to find out more.

Sometimes they’re also pretty funny. I enjoyed one slogan I saw recently:

“Birthday suits tailored here”

I laughed inside at that one.

Ultimately, Gymbox hasn’t convinced me yet and I do feel like it’s trying to brainwash me whilst erring on the side of pretentious; kind of like if a hipster worked out and started a gym.

But, if this does look like something you’d be interested in then, judging from the advertising, it will…