The best type of photography

After a long time working on this blog, you sometimes forget what you’ve previously written about. We cover so many best things and write so many articles that you feel you must be rehashing something.

Jon and I frequently write about photography as well so I had to be careful and trawl through our previous posts to see if this had been written about before.

Thankfully it hasn’t, and I have no idea why not, it’s fantastic.

The ‘it’ I refer to is tiltshift photography. This is the act of using fancy cameras to create fancy pictures.

Originally it was used to take pictures of tall buildings without the distortion you commonly see. You know how the building looks like it comes to a point – tiltshift aimed to remove that.

Tilt shift photo building

A before and after picture with a slight, and boring, difference

But, a different, and much cooler, use was discovered: it can be used to make things look tiny.

Check this out:

Tilt shift tiny planes

They’re like flies – I just want to pick one up

It looks as if these are tiny planes. It’s amazing.

The great thing about this is it can be done with minimal photography skills, simply fairly good Photoshop skills.

All you need to do is blur the top and bottom of the picture and you’re done. It’s amazing how effective this little tip is.

Use it and impress some of your friends who like to humour you when you do something useless. Doubtless they’ll be engaged by it. That, or they’ll have slightly less reason to patronise you.

Here are a few more to whet your appetite:

tilt-shift-city An aerial view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Bastille Day

Tilt shift london

Tilt shift american football